777 Novel Project

Get on board!

Get on board!

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It’s funny the ways in which we as writers and readers are connected, ways that are not always visible. For instance, this 777 Novel Project idea came to my attention via Roxanne Crouse, who received it from Patricia Zick, whom I contacted so that I could credit the originator.  Patricia said she had no notion who started this chain train, but she also had seen it on a variety of sources. I guess the point is that when you put something out there in the world, that something may sprout its own wings and take off. It’s a good thing.

At any rate, 777 Novel Project is a fun, easy, and quick tool to interact with other writers and readers. Here are the basic rules: You post 7 lines from page 7 or from page 77 of your novel and share with the world.

Here are my 7 lines from page 77 of Moonlight Dancer:

In his open palm, he displayed two items—the missing shoe and the missing hairpick.

“How—? Where?” she asked.

Relief flooded her body—relief that he had not found her underwear, relief the doll appeared harmless. Yet if the doll was harmless, how could Kendra account for her experiences? Besides, she had looked under the bed.

“You think I’m crazy?” she asked. “Or that I made it up to lure you here?”

“No.” He tilted her chin with a finger. “Your expression tells me you’ve been through…something. I want to help you figure it out.

So, what do you think? Looks easy, right? I encourage you to continue the momentum with your own 7 lines. Feel free to post them in the comments. Pssst…get on board and pass it on!

About Deb Atwood

I am a writer, editor, tutor interested in literary and women's fiction, ghost novels, and all things Korean.
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7 Responses to 777 Novel Project

  1. P. C. Zick says:

    Great, Deb! It’s fun and I keep seeing it on other posts. Thanks for pinging back to me. I’ve learned now to keep track of where these ideas come from. I’d just stored it in a file for a time when I needed it and I’m glad I did because it allowed me to meet other authors and read their work. Thanks!

    • Deb Atwood says:

      Hi Patricia,

      I agree it’s fun, and I will come over to your site and comment as well. I’m not sure anyone knows where 777 came from. I did an internet search for it, and nothing came up except for Roxanne’s post. Strange…

      • P. C. Zick says:

        The first time I saw it was months ago on Facebook and I didn’t participate at that time because I was busy with editing. Then I saw it ago soon after that and just put the directions in a file to use at a future date. I don’t know why I didn’t save the originator – I always promote and credit other bloggers.

      • Deb Atwood says:

        It will be exciting if the originator sees our posts and reveals him/herself.

  2. I’ll bite. XD Probably post this on my GoodReads blog later, but for now…

    Here’s seven lines from page 7 of Woken:

    “Ophelia flew out of her bed shrieking, not believing that she wasn’t actually being cut to ribbons by a maniac with a straight razor for several minutes afterward; tangled in the blankets, thrashing in an attempt to be free and still somehow certain that she was unable to move, it took that long for her thoughts to calm and for her ”

    Dun dun dun! 🙂

    • Deb Atwood says:

      Cool, thanks for posting!

      Great action going on here. Love the name Ophelia, especially for someone in peril, perhaps misunderstood. Is this narration complete stream of consciousness, or should there be a period after razor?

      • I don’t THINK there should be a period, but it’s entirely possible I’m wrong; it’s intended to be indicating who’s cutting her up (“a maniac with a straight razor”) to complete the thought before indicating how long she was stuck with it. Entirely possible that it needs trimming, though. XD And thank you, regarding her name; Ophelia is indeed in trouble and often misunderstood… especially later on.

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